Celebrating Earth Day: Palm Bites' Commitment to Sustainability with Too Good to Go

Apr 22, 2023Paolo Ientile

Happy Earth Day to all our Palm Bites customers and friends! Today, we want to celebrate our commitment to sustainability and share our exciting partnership with Too Good to Go. At Palm Bites, we're dedicated to preserving our planet's resources while providing you with delicious, eco-friendly treats.

Our Partnership with Too Good to Go: Too Good to Go is a revolutionary app that connects users with businesses like ours, offering surplus food at discounted prices. This partnership allows us to minimize food waste, reduce our environmental impact, and make our delightful snacks available to a wider audience.

Benefits for the Planet: Our collaboration with Too Good to Go has numerous benefits for the environment:

  1. Reducing Food Waste:
    By offering our surplus products through the app, we're able to prevent food from going to waste, thus conserving the resources that went into producing it.

  2. Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
    Food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions when it decomposes in landfills. By reducing our waste, we're helping to lower the carbon footprint of our operations.

  3. Supporting a Circular Economy:
    Our partnership with Too Good to Go encourages a circular economy, where resources are reused and repurposed instead of being discarded, promoting a more sustainable future.

Join Us in Our Sustainability Journey: On this Earth Day, we invite you to join us in our mission to protect our planet. By choosing Palm Bites and supporting our partnership with Too Good to Go, you're not only enjoying our mouthwatering snacks but also contributing to a greener, healthier world.

To learn more about our eco-friendly practices and how you can get involved, visit our website or download the Too Good to Go app. Together, let's make every day Earth Day! 🌍💚

One Bite | Variety Pack


A variety pack of premium quality Deglet Noor dates coated in Fair Trade Belgian dark chocolate, filled and coated with nuts. Healthy, light, and delicious, Palm Bites will be your favourite snack moving forward. 

Flavours Include:
- Peanut Butter
- Pistachio
- Almond
- Hazelnut

Large Box contains 36 Pieces
Medium Box Contains 24 Pieces
Small Box Contains 15 Pieces


Made in Canada

Customize Your Box

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