Health Benefits of Almonds

May 16, 2022Joshua Boodoo

You may have read our blog about the health benefits of nuts, where we briefly covered the benefits of some nuts we use here at Palm Bites. As we continue to dive into the health benefits of different fruits and nuts, we decided to revisit the nuts we briefly covered before in greater detail, starting with Almonds! It’s so popular that it's added to chocolates, desserts, main dishes, and even converted into milk! Almond is a tree nut native to the Mediterranean region. The edible part of the almond is a seed from a drupe or stone fruit, in which the outer shell and hull layers are typically not eaten. In case you are curious, here are the top 5 health benefits of almonds: 

  1. Boost Bone Health - Almonds contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, protein, and zinc, all of which increase your bone health! 
  2. Help Manage Weight - Some studies suggest that almond consumption may lower feelings of hunger and reduce appetite because almonds contain more protein and fibre than any other nut. In addition, newer research finds that almonds contain about 20% fewer calories than the labels state because some of the calories are not absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.
  3. Good Source of Vitamin E - Almonds are known to be a good source of Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage that can lead to premature ageing and disease. It also reduces inflammation, helps widen blood vessels to improve blood flow, and is linked to protection against neurodegenerative conditions, including Alzheimer’s. 
  4. Lower Cholesterol Levels - Studies have suggested that almond consumption may be associated with a 3% - 25% reduction in cholesterol levels. Why? It is known that almonds have lipid-lowering properties, such as fibre, flavonoids, and unsaturated fat, which aid in lowering cholesterol levels.
  5. Better Moods and Improved Memory - Eating at least two almonds a day greatly improves memory and overall brain health. This protein and vitamin E-rich food may even increase your intelligence quotient (IQ) and improve your mood. 

Who would have thought that this nut comes with so many health benefits?  If you’re looking for some delicious almond products to snack on Palm Bites has a wide range of treats such as our Two Bite Almond Palm Bites, Almond Butter Jars, Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and even citrusy Lemond Almonds!

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Health Benefits of Almonds

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