Our Story

Hi, my name is Mustafa. I launched Palm Bites in 2019 to get my dad back to work after he was forced to retire due to his age. We utilized his quality assurance background with my love of dates to create the best date products in the market.

How It All Started

After 20 years at his company, my dad was forced to retire due to his age. He was devastated, as work was his life and as first generation Iraqi immigrants, there is no such thing as a retirment plan. So he applied to numerous jobs but was usually over qualified or too old for the role that was hiring.

After 3 years, he lost hope. I hated seeing my father, someone I looked up to all my life, feel unwanted and unworthy of work.

Dates have always been part of our daily routine. We had 2 palm trees in our front yard in Baghdad that we harvested twice a year. Growing up, I had date syrup mixed with tahini for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. Culturally, we gift dates for special occasions, and we offer it with a tea or coffee when guests come over.

The health benefits coupled with the cultural and religious significance of dates made them a staple in our household and lifestyle.

Between the urge to get my dad back to work for the sake of his mental health and our family's love for dates, Palm Bites was born.

We pride ourselves on having the best date products, delicious and healthy, with elegant packaging and utmost care for our customers and their experience. From our online store to Café Palm Bites, you'll always receive delicious, fresh, and unique treats.

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to us.

Our Brand

The Palm Bites difference starts with our logos.
They symbolize elegance, finest quality products, and sophistication.
When you send a box of Palm Bites, it shows you value and care about the relationship.
Palm Bites Logo

Palm Bites Logo

As we specialize in dates, our main logo contains a palm tree in a golden diamond, with our slogan "Dates Obsessed" underneath.
Secondary Logo

Secondary Logo

Used mainly at Cafe Palm Bites locations and on merchandise, this logo was introduced in 2023 to be a simple and elegant abbreviation for Palm Bites.
Arabic Insignia

Arabic Insignia

Also introduced in 2023, this logo is the translation of "Palm Bites" to Arabic, which is pronounced as "Luqaymat Al-Nakhil".
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